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MIS-Multiple Interaction System has been designed for any games, inspired by games like Ready Or Not and others.

Allows to simply add an interaction system with several interactions on a single object with several interaction types (Tap, Hold, Multiple Tap)

How it works:

1. The player has an actor component (AC_MIS_InteractController) that handles interaction detection

2. Objects can have child actors (A_MIS_InteractComponent) that will be the collision of the desired interaction

The "BPI_MIS" interface allows choosing real-time values directly in the actor without having to create a parent class for example if the player can interact.

The global function "bindEvent_OnInteract" allows to easy bind a function during the interaction with the child actor

Technical Information


  • Add interaction simply on an object
  • The number of interactions on an object is infinite
  • Multiple use type (Tap, Hold, Multiple Tap)
  • Multiplayer supported
  • Most of the events are called on the player's component actor which gives you a lot of possibilities
  • You can control the interaction with an interface or with child actor events
  • Use Enhanced Input System

Number of Blueprints: 20

Input: (in Demo: Keyboard, Mouse)

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: (Has not been tested on other platforms, but may certainly work)

Windows: Yes

Documentation: Link

Important/Additional Notes:

!!This product does not replace the implementation of mechanics during an interaction, but it manages the interaction between the object and the player!!